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BruxZir™ Adjustment & Polishing Kit

The BruxZir Adjustment & Polishing Kit equips you with the tools to modify BruxZir® restorations and achieve the ultimate high shine and lifelike vitality. The kit includes burs, polishing cups and polishing discs. The burs allow you to modify zirconia restorations without creating microfractures. The polishing cups are designed for creating a glossy appearance. The diamond-infused polishing discs gently remove surface defects and can be used to achieve a natural, high-shine finish in as little as 20 seconds.

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The kit contains burs, cups and discs designed to adjust, trim, and polish BruxZir restorations as needed prior to final seating.


  • Adjusts restorations without creating microfractures
  • Gently removes surface irregularities and helps prevent staining
  • Diamond-infused polishers quickly create a natural, high-shine finish


  • The round bur is used for adjusting fossae.
  • The tapered bur is most effective for adjusting cusps or proximal contacts.
  • The football-shaped bur is most effective for adjusting the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth and lingual surfaces of anterior teeth.
  • The green cup can be used to remove abrasions. Use light pressure and no water to pre-polish with the green cup. The green cup can be used alone for minor adjustments.
  • The brown cup can be used to achieve a more glossy look on the adjustment areas.
  • The white cup can be used with light to medium pressure to achieve a “wet” high shine.
  • The brown pre-polishing disc can gently remove surface defects. The brown disc can be used to make minor adjustments to occlusal surfaces.
  • The blue high-shine polishing disc can be used on difficult-to-reach areas to achieve a natural high shine finish.