Obsidian® Fused To Metal

Providing your patients with lifelike restorations can be a challenge, especially considering the unique esthetic circumstances of each case. To help you meet the diverse needs of your patients, Riverside Dental Ceramics offers a wide range of esthetic restorative solutions, including Obsidian® Fused to Metal crowns, which consist of a high-strength lithium silicate ceramic pressed over a laser-sintered metal coping, resulting in a restoration that is four times stronger than traditional feldspathic porcelain. Prescribe our restorative solutions with the high degree of confidence that comes with our seven-year warranty on all-ceramic and fused to metal restorations.



Obsidian Fused to Metal is indicated for crowns and bridges anywhere in the arch, screw-retained and cemented implant crowns, bridges, and large-span bridges.

Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations are available in the 14 most popular VITA® shades.