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Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

The screw-retained hybrid denture is a proven replacement for removable prostheses worn by edentulous patients, providing maximum prosthetic stability and function by permanently attaching to four or more dental implants through a titanium framework. To begin the fabrication process, a verified denture setup is seated on your master model and scanned into the CAD/CAM system. The scanned data of the denture setup is transferred to a dental CAD station where the one-piece bar framework is designed and finalized. The titanium bar is then milled and incorporated into a screw-retained denture setup. Once the clinician approves the try-in, the final screw-retained hybrid denture is processed and delivered.

The screw-retained hybrid denture features a framework designed and milled by our specially trained technicians using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. The result is an affordable implant solution for edentulous patients that offers excellent predictability, esthetics and function.



Screw-retained hybrid dentures are indicated for fully edentulous patients in need of a fixed implant prosthesis.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Maximum prosthetic stability, comfort, function and phonetics.


  • Start with an accurate, void-free impression using a custom tray.


  • Composite is used to fill over the implant screw.


  • 10 Days In-Lab
    Rush Cases: All rush cases must be prescheduled by calling 800-944-7874 before the case is shipped. Time of pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time.

ADA Codes

  • D6078 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Completely Edentulous Arch