CAD/CAM Restorative Solutions


CAD/CAM Restorative Solutions

As dentists strive to minimize the chair time needed to restore their cases, Riverside Dental Ceramics utilizes advanced CAD/CAM technology to create consistent, precise-fitting dental restorations that can be delivered without complication, helping dentists stay on schedule. Our digital technology and state-of-the-art mills ensure that every case you send to us exhibits consistent fit, contacts and occlusion. Whether you’re delivering a BruxZir® Esthetic crown, an Inclusive® Custom Abutment or a full-arch implant restoration, our strict attention to detail and high-precision machinery results in restorations that adhere to the precise anatomy and esthetic needs of the individual patient.

Send a Digital Impression

If your practice is taking advantage of the speed, accuracy and convenience of intraoral scanning technology for the benefit of your patients, Riverside Dental Ceramics excels in converting digital impressions into precision-fit restorations.

Why send your digital impressions to RDC?

ACCURACY — Documented improvement in marginal fit compared to VPS impressions
REDUCED LAB FEE — Save $20 off the list price for your all-ceramic restorations and $40 off custom implant abutments and screw-retained crowns
SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON SHIPPING — Instantly transmit your case to the lab, without the cost or time of shipping

Data based on 12,000 BruxZir model-less, single-unit posterior crowns manufactured digitally from Aug. 1, 2015 to Jan. 19, 2016.
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