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Frequently Asked Questions

Option 1: Click here for FedEx Locations near you »
Option 2: Call us at 800-321-9943.

Option 1: Call us at 800-321-9943, and we will send you pre-printed RDC shipping labels to avoid incorrect billing.

Option 1: Click here to track your case »
Option 2: Call us at 800-321-9943.

Option 1: Click here to request a copy of your invoice »

Do not pay the invoice from FedEx. Contact Customer Service, and we will rebill the invoice on your behalf. A reference number will be provided for your reference. Please note that RDC will only pay for a rebill one time. To avoid additional FedEx shipping charges, please use a preprinted RDC shipping label. Please note that invoices can’t be rebilled if past the time limit of 90 days for FedEx Express and 180 days for FedEx Ground.

Option 1: Click here to view our Time Schedule » All rush cases must be prescheduled by contacting Customer Service. Rush fees may apply.
Option 2: Call us at 800-321-9943.

Option 1: Click here for packaging instructions »
Option 2: Call us at 800-321-9943.