BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis

The BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis offers a fixed, all-zirconia implant solution for edentulous patients desiring a more durable and esthetic replacement for removable dentures. Constructed from 100% BruxZir  Zirconia, this full-arch restoration dramatically improves speech and chewing function, attaches to implants via titanium connections, and avoids the chips, stains and fractures known to compromise acrylic hybrid dentures. A provisional implant prosthesis is included that allows the doctor and patient to confirm proper fit, function and esthetics before the final restoration is milled from BruxZir Full-Strength Zirconia.


Indications / Contraindications

Indicated for edentulous patients that desire a completely fixed restorative option that is both highly esthetic and natural-looking. We offer a traditional screw-retained denture with acrylic/composite denture teeth and pink acrylic processed to a CAD/CAM titanium framework, as well as the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis, which is constructed from 100% high-strength monolithic zirconia and attaches to implants via titanium connections. These restorations are designed for patients that have moderate to severe ridge resorption.


  • Start with an accurate, void-free impression using a custom tray.


  • Composite is used to fill over the implant screw.

Working Time

  • 10 Days In-Lab

    Rush Cases : All rush cases must be prescheduled by calling 800-944-7874 before the case is shipped. Time of pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time.

ADA Codes

  • D6078 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Completely Edentulous Arch