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A Look Inside Our Lab: The Digital Impressions Team

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Are you among the surging number of dentists who have adopted an intraoral scanner to streamline the restorative workflow at your practice? Here, we’ll take a look at the dedicated digital team at Riverside Dental Ceramics. But first, here’s a refresher on the advantages of submitting digital impressions instead of traditional VPS impressions, for those who have not yet gone digital in their practices.

  • Save time and money on shipping — With digital impressions, you skip the time involved in sending a physical impression to the lab and reduce your shipping costs.
  • Maximize the accuracy of your restoration — The precision of modern scanning technology results in a better-fitting restoration, simplifying the final delivery appointment while minimizing chairside adjustments.
  • Cut costs on model-free restorations — When you digitally submit your case to Riverside Dental Ceramics, we can produce a model-free restoration that saves you $20/unit on all-ceramic restorations, and $40/unit on custom abutments and all-ceramic screw-retained crowns.
  • A more comfortable experience for you patients — Many patients dislike the “goop” of traditional impression-taking. With intraoral scanning, your patient enjoys a more comfortable appointment and you enjoy the savings of not having to spend on impression trays and material.

Although the popularity of intraoral scanners has been increasing steadily over the years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in digitally submitted cases since 2020, as doctors have looked to make their practices more efficient and enhance sanitation protocols in response to COVID-19.

Why send your scans to Riverside Dental Ceramics?

As a core part of our lab’s philosophy, we recognize the importance of digital dentistry in delivering better, faster results for patients at a lower price. In our latest effort to deliver exceptional results for digitally savvy customers, we’ve formed a dedicated team of digital specialists who carefully evaluate your incoming scans to make sure everything is perfect before we begin restoring your case. By identifying and correcting any issues with your scan prior to fabrication, we produce results that meet your exact specifications and ensure that there are no surprises at your final delivery appointment.

Daryl Young cadcam tech

Our dedicated digital team at Riverside Dental Ceramics reviews your incoming scans and corrects any issues before converting the digital impression to a virtual model for the design of your restoration (left). One the restoration is ready for fabrication, the design is sent to our milling center (right), which is one of the largest in California.

Why a model-free restoration?

Many dentists are surprised to find that the restorations they receive for their digitally submitted cases do not include a model. Although a model can be requested when you send your impression to Riverside Dental Ceramics, choosing to go model-free gets you a reduced lab fee on your restoration due to the cost savings of an all-digital workflow. Upon receipt of your digital impression, our team converts your case to a virtual model, without the need for pouring and scanning a model from a physical impression. The precision of scanning technology and our CAD/CAM software allows us to produce a restoration with maximum accuracy, which typically results in a smooth, efficient final delivery appointment.

How do I send a case to Riverside Dental Ceramics?

To set up your scanner for a direct connection with our lab, simply call 800-321-9943 and we’ll help you get started.

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