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Lab Improvements: My Account

In today’s dental practice, time is as precious a commodity as ever. With the help of technological innovations and creative practice management strategies, dentists and their teams have made great strides in making the most of their chair time and meeting the needs of their patients in the most efficient manner possible. To keep pace with the advancements our customers have made in their offices, we’ve strived to streamline our lab operations to help you accomplish more in less time.

While much of this effort has been devoted to shortening our in-lab turnaround times and creating accurate restorations that can be delivered with ease, we also recognize that the ability to quickly manage your cases is vital to helping your practice stay on schedule. That’s why we now offer My Account, an online portal where you can conveniently initiate cases and monitor the status of your restorations and other lab services with the simple click of a mouse.
“Historically, our customer service team receives numerous calls every day from practices wondering where their case stands, asking for a new case to be picked up, or needing to update their account,” says Mark Anderson, president of Riverside Dental Ceramics. “Instead of having to make a telephone call to request this information, we thought it would be faster to give customers direct access through an online interface.”

“Of course, our customer service team is available to answer any questions or provide assistance with cases as needed,” added Anderson. Riverside Dental Ceramics remains dedicated to providing dentists with any help they need to see their restorations through to a successful outcome — no matter how challenging the case may be. But for the administrative side of dentistry, My Account has been established to minimize the time you spend managing your cases so you can focus on providing your patients with dental care. Here are the key features of My Account:

Schedule Case Pickups — When your case is ready for submittal to the lab, simply log in to My Account to request a pickup and a delivery vehicle will soon be on its way. Need shipping supplies? You can order those for free using the same portal, meaning you can find everything you need to get your case started with our lab in one convenient online location. Wondering where your case is as it makes its way to and from the lab? You can track your shipments directly on our website, too.

With My Account, you can conveniently schedule case pickups, order supplies, and find out when you can expect your patients’ restorations through one convenient online portal.
Send Digital Impression Files — If you’re among the dentists who have streamlined their restorative workflow by adding an intraoral scanner to their practice, we take pride in our dedicated digital team, which works around the clock to ensure the quality of your incoming scans before they enter the production workflow. Our digital capabilities also include a portal in My Account where you can upload intraoral scans and case details directly from your computer, providing an added layer of flexibility to your digital workflow.

View Your Case’s Status in the Lab — Managing your practice’s calendar to make the most of your chair time has become a top priority for most dental practices. To help you in that endeavor, My Account allows you to learn the real-time status of cases without having to make a phone call. This capability is intended to help you optimize your scheduling process and, in combination with our rapid in-lab turnaround times, can help you deliver patient-pleasing results in the most efficient manner possible.

Account Management and Automatic Payments — In addition to tracking your cases, you can view your statements and pay your invoices using My Account. You can also remove another item from your list of administrative duties in your practice by setting up your account for automatic payments. If you have questions about your account, you always have the option of emailing our team at mail@riversidelab.com or calling us at 800-321-9943.
While our lab technicians work around the clock to support our quick turnaround times for your restorations, you can always check the status of your case by simply logging in to My Account.

Upload Patient Photos — One of the best ways to ensure an esthetic outcome for your case is by providing the lab with photos that illustrate the desired restoration for your patient. We recognize it can be time-consuming to include photos when you mail your case to the lab, but My Account makes this simple — all you need to do is log in and upload your images, and we’ll take care of the rest and use this information to help you exceed your patients’ expectations.

View Fee Schedules — We don’t want you to have to worry about lab fees as you plan your cases. In addition to offering affordable pricing that helps keep your costs down for restorations, we recognize that you need to know your expenses when you present treatment options to your patients. That’s why we’ve made our comprehensive price list easily accessible to customers through My Account. All you have to do is log in, and you can calculate your expenses for any case with the help of our predictable, all-inclusive fees.

Sign Up for My Account Today and Experience the Difference!

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, we encourage you to register for My Account at riversidelab.com/myaccount. We’re confident you’ll discover that this service makes it easier to manage  your cases and your account, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most — caring for your patients. If you need any help signing up for My Account, our customer service team is happy to help and is available at 800-321-9943.

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