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Product Spotlight:
Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance

As the awareness of the crucial role that dentists can play in the screening and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has grown, so too have the dental practices of clinicians who prescribe sleep appliances for the benefit of their patients. The Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance is among the most proven dental solutions for snoring and mild to moderate OSA, with more than 25 years of effective clinical use and more than 400,000 appliances prescribed.

The Silent Nite appliance mitigates sleep-disordered breathing by moving the lower jaw forward with Slide-Link connectors that attach to upper and lower bite splints, with up to 6 mm of mandibular advancement possible according to the individual patient’s needs. By maintaining the mandible in a protruded position, the airway is opened to let air to pass without obstruction, helping patients breathe without interruption for a more complete, satisfying night of sleep.

The Slide-Link connectors that maintain the mandible in a forward position are available in various lengths, and are packaged with your patient’s custom-made appliance. Dentists can easily swap the Slide-Link connectors, allowing you to find the optimal size for your patients while they sit in the chair. To simplify this process even further, a protrusion gauge is available that streamlines the bite registration process and determines the appropriate amount of mandibular advancement for the patient.

By screening patients for snoring and OSA and prescribing the Silent Nite Sleep Appliance for at-risk individuals, dentists can put patients on a path toward getting a better night’s rest and mitigating the negative health effects presented by sleep apnea.

In addition to its proven track record of success in the treatment of snoring and OSA, the Silent Nite appliance includes an AM Aligner, which patients can use to exercise and realign the jaw in the morning, helping reestablish proper occlusion. 

Many sufferers of OSA prefer mandibular advancement as a less invasive means of treating sleep-disordered breathing in comparison with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Dentists who screen and contribute to the treatment of snoring and OSA provide a tremendous service for their patients and help improve their quality of life. Considering that most patients visit their physician less often than their dental office, where regular intraoral examinations are conducted, dentists are in a key position to help address OSA and the many health consequences associated with the condition.

Once you have determined that your patient is at risk for OSA (guidelines for making this assessment can be found here), the patient can wear the Silent Nite Sleep Appliance as a provisional means of treating sleep-related breathing disorders until their physician makes a definitive diagnosis — after which oral appliance therapy may continue at the discretion of the patient and their physician.


  • FDA-cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate OSA
  • Upper and lower bite splints composed of a soft inner layer for comfort
  • Outer layer of splints is durable and BPA-free
  • Various connector lengths to fine-tune mandibular protrusion

To learn more or start your case, visit riversidelab.com/silent-nite or call 800-321-9943

AM Aligner is a product of Airway Management Inc.


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