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Prismatik ThinPressTM Veneers

Prismatik ThinPress Veneers are high-strength, leucite-reinforced ceramic veneers that mimic the color and vitality of natural teeth. The lost wax technique is utilized to make high-density veneers in thicknesses consistent with a minimum-prep or no-prep technique.

No Prep VivaneersTM with Prismatik ThinPressTM

The clinical case studied in this video illustrates an ideal situation and good use of no-prep Vivaneers™. The patient had multiple diastema between the teeth, and additional tooth-length was desired. Additionally, the patient did not have any of the facial-limiting factors that are discussed. An analysis of the case points out various details that are to be considered before the placement of 10 no-prep Vivaneers™. A veneer “try-in” predicts a desirable esthetic outcome, achievement of objectives is demonstrated, and an excellent clinical result is realized in a short period of time. This is achieved in just 15 minutes, as technique tips are discussed and thoroughly demonstrated using close-up, over-the-shoulder videography of the various steps during the no-prep veneer placement procedure. Many practice tips are provided to help participants efficiently prepare, etch, place, clean-up, adjust and finish a no-prep case; and, concise information about burs, discs, cups, pastes and other supplies is provided.

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Prismatik ThinPress Veneers are indicated for patients who request to enhance the esthetics of their teeth without any need for shots, drilling or pain. No-preparation veneers are indicated for patients who have teeth that are lingually inclined or have smaller-than-normal sized teeth (peg laterals).

Benefits for the Patient

  • Esthetic veneer with excellent light transmission, which helps to blend in with natural dentition.
  • The ceramic material wears similar to natural tooth enamel (feldspathic porcelain properties).
  • Patient does not need to be anesthetized, and teeth do not have to be prepared (no shots, no drilling), providing a pain-free smile makeover.

Prep Requirements

  • None — Slightly disking the protruding areas will certainly facilitate ideal facial alignment.
  • Minimal Prep: 0.3 mm reduction.

Recommended Cementation

  • Any type of adhesive bonding material.

ADA Codes

  • D2962 Labial Veneer